What is CILD?

  • The School of Education’s Center for Innovation in Learning Design brings together researchers and practitioners to explore, prototype, and test new learning designs. Striving to be at the forefront of innovative approaches to respond to complex educational problems, CILD:
    • promotes collaborative research and development,
    • catalyzes new projects,
    • consolidates external partnerships and funding opportunities and
    • disseminates outcomes to provide guidance to next generation learning designs in K-16 schools.
  • CILD has a particular focus on projects that explore deeper learning in K-16 schools and classrooms.

Why become affiliated with CILD?

  • Three-year appointment as CILD Fellow
  • Promotion of your work through CILD Web site and social media
  • Opportunities to collaborate on research and design projects
  • Leverage CILD affiliation for grant and funding applications
  • Opportunities to connect with CILD Advisory Board members
  • Support and resources for applying for funding opportunities, including coordination with the Tech Integration Center, Associate Dean for Research, and School and College Development Officers.

What’s expected of you?

  • Offer a brownbag presentation once a year
  • Be filmed for a video profile for the CILD Web site
  • Create one blog post (500-800 words) related to your work each semester
  • Participate in CILD project meetings once a semester

Interested in becoming a CILD Faculty Fellow?

Please click here to complete your application form.